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Everyone experiences pain differently, so the best pain relief regime is one that suits your needs and your timetable.

Everything you have been prescribed that you record on this app is:

Further Information

For further information about your self-administration process, please speak to your midwife.

For further information about the acute pain service at Warwick Hospital, please contact:

The pain service, Anaesthetic department, Warwick Hospital, Lakin Road, Warwick, CV34 5BW
Telephone: 01926 495321 Ext. 4488 (Monday-Friday)

Useful Contact Information:

Swan Ward: 01926 495321 Ext. 4547/4548
Warwick Community Midwife: 01926 495321 Ext. 4535
Rugby Community Midwife: 01788 663184
Coventry Community Midwives: 02476 967424

PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service) - a confidential service for families to help with any questions or concerns about local health services: 01926 600054 or email [email protected]

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Things to record

Your data

The records of what you've taken is stored on your phone (it even works when you have no internet!). This app also reports usage data that is anonymised before sending. This data is used only for research and improving patient care.

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Session ID:

The session ID can help doctors and other healthcare practitioners. If you share this with someone who can see the anonymised data, it will no longer be anonymous.